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Poznan Old Town Walk We recommend this tour to those who do not have much time for discovering Poznan but would like to find out something interesting about the city and see its Old Town area. more Poznan City Tour Poznan is very well known as a business centre but it is also one of the oldest cities in Poland with long and rich history sometimes called a cradle of Polish Christianity. more Poznan Limo Tour If you would like to experience something special during your visit in Poznan, we can treat you with a little bit of luxury by arranging private tours or transfers by one of our strech limousines. more Lech Brewery Tour Lech is one of the most popular brands of beer in Poland and it is brewed right here in Poznan. It will be hard to find any liquor stor / market in any corner of our country that would not sell Lech. Let us take you for a very special... more
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Tours from Poznan
Kornik & Rogalin Tour We would like to invite you to visit splendid palaces in Kornik and Rogalin which are pearls of architecture and are situated only approx 20 km south from Poznan. more Gniezno & Biskupin Tour This is one of the most interesting one day excursions that can be taken anywhere in Poland because this tour will take you back in time to the very begginings of state of Poland. more Auschwitz Tour This largest German concentration camp established in 1940 near town of Oswiecin in southern Poland became a synonynous with death, cruelty, suffering and annihilation. It is estimated that nearly 1,5 million prisoners lived here and... more Wroclaw Tour Take a comfortable full day tour to one of the most interesting cities in Poland – Wroclaw. This old and the fourth-largest Polish city is a perfect place for spending free time while walking, sightseeing and enjoy wonderful atmosphere. more
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Poznan Activities
Poznan Pub Crawl If you do not know our city very good or you are simply here for the first time in your life and you have no idea where to go out in the evening, it does not mean you should stay at home or in your hotel. more Special Stag Night in Poznan If you are coming to Poznan for a stag or hen weekend, we guarantee you will not find a better offer than our company can provide. We have lots of amazing ideas of what we can do and there is almost no limit for our imagination. more City Game in Poznan In our wide offer of activities in Poznan, we do not forget about business and incentive groups who are looking for some kind of bonding events in our city. more Kalashnikov Shooting Shooting is one of the most popular day activities in Poznan. Our shooting range is situated only 15 min drive from the centre. more
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