Malta Festival in Poznan


Malta Festival Poznan is one the most important artistic events in the East-Central Europe. The festival offers international theatre, music, dance and movie program. It has taken place since 1991, at the turn of June and July. The name comes from The Malta Lakes located in Poznan. The Malta Festival provides a broad range of outdoor performances, fringe theatres, non-repertoire and experimental shows. Since 2010, each festival has had its main topic so-called Idiom – the theme which is essential to understand our present-day world.
The theme of this year’s Malta is the spectator. The spectator is each of us. Today, we can observe the world through the pictures. Most often, we can see the ubiquitous suffering. We see and decide what we want to do that with this fact. We assume the role of an actor, a spectacor or a witness. We should remember that we are responsible for the presence which is closely connected with the person of the Other, the Stranger and with out attitude to them.
Malta Festival is placed in various sites in Poznan: Liberty Square, Assembly Hall Collegium da Vinci, Teatr Nowy, Łazarz Garden and more. There are numerous events: workshops, meetings, concerts, visual arts, performences and more. This festival is free of charge.
Malta Festval is a special event which draw our attention on present sociological problems. This kind of art tries to correspond with audience, start the conversation. And that conversation makes us aware of something unknown and give a chance to experience „catharsis”.

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