Funny facts about Poznan


Most of the people visiting Poznan know the city for the International Poznan Fairs – the biggest and the oldest Polish institution responsible for organizing art exhibitions, classified in 33rd place worldwide, and 2nd in Central-Eastern Europe, behind Brno from the Czech Republic.

Poznan is considered the birthplace of the Polish country. In the past it was Poland’s capital and the hometown of the kings. The Poznan cathedral is the place where bodies of Poland’s first rulers – Mieszko the 1st and Boleslaw Chrobry – are resting. Here’s another fun fact – Poznan is the only Polish city with its name mentioned in the Polish anthem.

Poznan is also called the “musical capital of Poland” because of the boys’ choir and the men’s choir, as well as the violin concert named after Henryk Wieniawski are organized in this city every 5 years.

In Poznan you can find the Railway Rescue Museum, the only one of its kind in Poland.

Many famous people are associated with Poznan. This is the city, where the popular Polish singer Anna Jantar was born.

According to the special ranking created in June 2009 by the editorial of the weekly “Przekroj” magazine, Poznan is the best city to live in Poland. Not only citizens are feeling good in this city, but tourists too. If you’re planning a visit to Poznan, don’t forget to use our modern cheep flight tickets browser and check out our special deals and offers.

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