Kornik & Rogalin Tour We would like to invite you to visit splendid palaces in Kornik and Rogalin which are pearls of architecture and are situated only approx 20 km south from Poznan. more Gniezno & Biskupin Tour This is one of the most interesting one day excursions that can be taken anywhere in Poland because this tour will take you back in time to the very begginings of state of Poland. more Auschwitz Tour This largest German concentration camp established in 1940 near town of Oswiecin in southern Poland became a synonynous with death, cruelty, suffering and annihilation. It is estimated that nearly 1,5 million prisoners lived here and... more Wroclaw Tour Take a comfortable full day tour to one of the most interesting cities in Poland – Wroclaw. This old and the fourth-largest Polish city is a perfect place for spending free time while walking, sightseeing and enjoy wonderful atmosphere. more Torun Tour Let us take you to one of the most beautiful cities in northern Poland – Torun. This medieval and academic town was the place where world-famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born. more Berlin Tour We organize full day tours from Poznan to capital city of Germany – Berlin. So take a seat in our comfortable car or minivan in Poznan and let us drive you 270 km west to show you most interesting sites in Berlin. more Gdansk Tour We offer you a full day tour from Poznan to one of the finest cities in northern Europe which history streches back nearly 1000 years. more Warsaw Tour During your stay in Poznan we offer you possibility of visiting capital city of Poland during our comfortable one day excursion with the use of great train connection between two cities. more